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Target Industries

There are a variety of industries established in the Steele-Waseca service territory, including manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation and warehousing. Two particular areas of strength are transportation and glass manufacturing.

I-35 runs directly through the Steele-Waseca service territory and provides access to the Twin Cities to the north and to several major highways to the south. This forms the backbone of the area's strength in transportation. A centrally-located regional airport with the ability to handle aircraft up to 20-passenger corporate jets, proximity to the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, excellent short-rail connectivity to the major rail lines, and proximity to ports on the Mississippi River means that all major forms of transportation are accessible. In addition there are already several established trucking hubs in the region. Multiple warehouses are in operation in the region, and with easy access to the Twin Cities (but outside the range of big city congestion), I-35, and I-90, the area is a prime location for distribution centers.

Window and Glass Manufacturing
This region is one of a few areas in the US which supports this specialist manufacturing niche. Sage Glass relocated to the region from New Jersey to take advantage of this fact and has been developing a process of creating tinted/tinting glass using electrical currents. True View is another established glass business, which manufactures glass for windows. Steele-Waseca is ready and able to support further growth in this industry, so please contact us to discuss the possibilities of relocating in our region.

Agriculture is enjoying some interesting advancements in the region, with development in robotic milking and recycling of byproducts for use in dairy bedding. Area ranches produce cattle which are shipped to countries around the world, including Europe, Russia, and China. A well-established company which produces organic foods is located just outside the Steele-Waseca service territory, providing further opportunities in organic production.

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The Rural Economic Development Loan & Grant program — known as the Red-Leg program — has available loans up to $740,000 for qualified projects.

"The Steele-Waseca region is one of a few areas in the US which supports the specialist industry of Glass Development and Manufacturing."